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Representing coworkers is a core function of being a worksite-based steward and for a lot of workers is the first time they have interacted with the Union.  This course will cover: steward rights and responsibilities, the basics of Weingarten and Garrity rights, fact finding meetings, professional workplace complaints, labor and employment law basics, and will give Stewards the resources and tools to get started in their new role.

Материалы курса

There is a virtual binder at

  • Ÿ Investigatory Meetings Resource Guide
  • Ÿ Steward Rights and Responsibilities Guide
  • Ÿ Weingarten Resource Guide
  • Ÿ Employment and Labor Law Basics Resource Guide
  • Ÿ Scenarios
  • Ÿ Quiz



Расписание курсов

Неделя Тема Результаты обучения
Час 1 Stewards Rights & Responsibilities

Weingarten and Garrity

What rights are covered in the contract?  What is the steward’s role?  What are Weingarten and Garrity and how do you navigate?
Hour 2-3 WSEA Video

Before the Meeting: Prepare


After Meeting: Debrief

What does a steward need to do to prepare?  How should a steward approach an investigatory meeting?  What are some best practices in debriefing?  What notes should you take? Do you have any information you need to request?
Час 4 HR Complaints and Discrimination

Employment and Labor Law Basics

Календарь тренировок

How does a steward help a worker with the complaint process?   How to navigate when the contract, labor and employment law intersect? What are the best practices of pointing workers to the right process to adjudicate?  What resources and trainings are available for stewards?

Quiz (Not Live Yet)

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Credits: 4 credits

Основной: Steward – Open to all Stewards, most applicable for worksite based Stewards.