Solve 5 puzzles with clues hidden throughout the event venue to win gamification points in the event app!

To claim your points at the end of the hunt, you will need the SEIU 503 General Council 2024 event app. Download and install the app here.

Clues will be released throughout the event.

  • The first clue will be live as soon as registration opens at 9am on Thursday August 1.
  • The second clue will be published at 6am on Friday August 2.
  • The third clue will be published at 5:30pm on Friday August 2.
  • The fourth clue will be published at 6am on Saturday August 3.
  • The fifth clue will be published at 5pm on Saturday August 3.

Everybody who completes the hunt will get a code to submit the gamification challenge in the event app for 300 points. Teaming up is encouraged — teams of up to 3 participants can claim the ‘first 5 finders’ (50-point) bonus if you complete the hunt together.

Each clue will lead you to a physical location in the event venue, where you will either search for a physical item and scan a QR code on it to find the next clue, OR you will answer questions about the location and enter the answers in the app to get your next clue.

The final location has a physical container that you must find and open to get the code to validate the event app challenge.

Happy hunting! If you have questions about this challenge, contact