The Elections Committee of DCBS Local 440 met on Wednesday, September 16th to count the ballots for the SEIU Sub-Local 440 Rerun Election. We appreciate your patience and recognize that this election didn’t run as smoothly as it has in the past, but are proud that we were able to complete the process. As a democratic union, these elections are a critical piece of how we build a union that reflects its membership. Together, we are able to continue shaping Local 440 into the powerhouse we need to protect our work lives. We want to congratulate the newly elected Officers of Local 440 and thank everyone who voted and ran for a position. 

Вот результаты, и вице-президенты перечислены в порядке полученных голосов:


Диана Яновски

Вице-президент (ы) 

Ян Витус
Ким Риттс
Дэйв Болтон
Стэнли Филдз
Гарили Браун
Майкл Полк